Alberto Semo

Professional photography.
Melbourne, Australia.


My philosophy

Each of my photographs begins as a conversation that is revealed on two planes: the word and the image. Both are articulated in the same end, and one does not disregard the other.

I have become accustomed to understanding people and telling stories in this way, seeking the true self and looking beyond the surface.

I am determined to find the dichotomy between what is reflected and what is true.

My portfolio

3 projects

I try to create powerful imagery by focusing on the stories that are told without speaking. I'm always trying out new styles & techniques, and delving into them through an emotional lens. Take a look at a selection of my projects and studies below.

What they say

Throughout the course of my study and work, I have had the honour and the pleasure of learning from and interacting with some amazing people. Hear what they have to say about my work and our collaboration.

"I believe he has an innate disposition as a storyteller and portrait photographer to really showcase his subjects’ personality in a photograph”.

Natalie Morawski

Acting Program Leader, Graphic Design & Photography. Melbourne Polyytechnic

"I can’t help but notice how he differs from other photographers I’ve worked with. It’s really refreshing and eye opening."



"All natural, no special lights, no three hours in make up, just a real artist of a photographer."